What Should I Do if I Was Hurt in a South Carolina Restaurant Accident?

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South Carolina is home to countless wonderful restaurants. Though the last place anyone would ever expect to sustain an injury is while out to dinner with friends or family, the unfortunate reality is that restaurant accidents are far from uncommon. If you were recently injured in a restaurant accident here in South Carolina, then you need to continue reading and reach out to a knowledgeable Darlington County, South Carolina slip & fall lawyer who can help you fight for the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How Do I Know if I Have a Valid Restaurant Accident Injury Claim?

If you’re looking to sue a restaurant for injuries you’ve sustained on the premises, you must first prove that you were hurt due to a safety hazard that the restaurant presented. Some of the most common safety hazards we see in restaurants are as follows:

  • Hot plates
  • Spills left uncleared away
  • Dim lighting
  • Unsafe restaurant parking lots
  • Unsafe restaurant sidewalks
  • Spoiled food

As long as you can prove that you were injured and incurred significant damages because restaurant ownership or staff either knew or should have known about a present safety hazard and failed to fix it, you should have a valid premises liability claim against the restaurant in question.

In most cases, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims here in South Carolina is three years. Simply put, this means that accident victims in South Carolina are required to file a personal injury claim within three years of the date their accident happened. When an injured party waits longer than three years to file their claim, they likely will be permanently barred from doing so. Our legal team is prepared to listen to your story and fight for the compensation you deserve and need to heal.

If you have any additional questions about how the claims process in South Carolina works or if you need a seasoned Darlington, South Carolina personal injury lawyer you can depend on, please don’t hesitate to speak with the James Law Office, LLC today.

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