Who Apart From Truck Drivers Can Be Held Liable for Damages?

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Accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks are one of the most common types of accidents to occur. Truck drivers can be held liable for any accidents or injuries that happen due to their negligence. However, truck drivers are not the only liable party in certain circumstances. If you have been injured due to a truck driver or other liable parties’ negligence, contact an experienced Darlington County, South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer who can help you seek fair damages for your injuries.

Other Than Truck Drivers, Who Could Be Held Liable for a Collision?

Truck Owners

It is not uncommon for trucking companies to rent or lease trucks for their business. Meaning, the truck owner who lent out these trucks is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance required. They are responsible for any necessary repairs and inspections. If they fail to remedy any repairs that led to the collision, they are liable for any damages that occur because of this.

Trucking Company

A trucking company may be held liable for any accidents or injuries that they have a degree of fault for. The trucking company can be held responsible if they give the truck drivers improper training. Truck drivers are only permitted to work a certain allotted hours before it becomes unsafe to continue on the road. The trucking company should also make sure their maintenance is regularly checked. If they fail to ensure this, they can be held responsible.

Truck Manufacturer

A manufacturer may be held accountable if an accident occurred because of a defective piece of the design of the truck. If a faulty part or defect is not fixed properly or at all, it can cause a truck driver to lose control of the large rig.

Freight Owner

Commercial trucks carry loads of heavy cargo across the country. The company that owns this loaded cargo is responsible for properly loading it into the truck and using the right techniques to ensure it is safely transported. They cannot overload making it overweight as it might cause an imbalance which could cause an accident.


Commercial trucks have a bad reputation when it comes to being dangerous. However, trucks are typically only responsible for around 20% of collisions. Cars are responsible for 80% of accidents involving trucks.

Ultimately, truck drivers are not the only party that can be held liable for damages. Truck accidents are extremely common due to various components. If you or a loved one has been injured due to negligence, contact one of our dedicated and trusted team members. We can help you seek the justice you deserve.

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