How Can Witnesses Establish Fault After A Car Accident Injury In SC?

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South Carolina is a fault-based state when it comes to car accidents. This means that the driver who caused the accident is responsible for covering other victims’ damages, so establishing fault after a car accident is incredibly important. Victims of an accident can prove fault in various ways, including through witnesses of the incident. To find out why witness statements are essential after an accident, read this blog or contact a Darlington County, South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer today!

Why Are Witnesses Important After a Car Accident in SC?

To earn coverage for your injuries in a car accident from the person who caused the crash, you’ll need solid evidence to prove that they were in fact at fault. Possible evidence includes surveillance video of the crash, testimony from an accident reconstruction expert, or witness statements. Surveillance video isn’t always available, and hiring an accident reconstruction expert can be expensive. This is why many people rely on statements from witnesses as the main piece of evidence to prove fault after a car accident.

Some victims file a personal injury claim to earn further restitution after a car accident, and it’s even more important to gather witness statements in these cases. Witnesses can be any pedestrian, passenger, or driver who saw the accident happen or was involved in it.

How Can I Gather Witness Statements?

Most of the time, local authorities will arrive at the scene of a car accident to file an official police report and interview witnesses themselves. They’ll need to do this to determine who was responsible for the accident.

If for some reason police officers don’t arrive at the scene or don’t interview some witnesses, you can ask witnesses for their testimonies yourself. Not all witnesses are willing to give their statements, but you can ask for contact information from any witnesses that agree to help you. An attorney can help you determine which witness statements will be most useful for your case.

You may also lawfully inform them that an insurance adjuster may call them to try to influence their testimony. However, it’s illegal to ask them not to speak to the insurance adjuster.

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